Nowadays your friends are too excited to know about you and your *to-be* half-part (which is of course even unpredictable to you).

It just happened that one of my friend (by fate his name is even Animesh Singh), suddenly asked about my GF in the mid of another topic. First of all, I was took a back to share all this info of my private stuff, then I thought a developer must not be shy to his developer friend.

And here is how the discussions went “When people ask about your GF”:

When he asked me suddenly






Oh! This compliment <3




Took some tome for me to overcome this feeling! Was looking for a hole like an ostrich to hide my head, LOL.


And I guess you are also excited to know about the person whom I dream of?

I meant Wanna see*?







That’s what I call her, Coding, aawh! Such a nice name naa? This is what I call her.


You even want to see her, how she looks?

Preety Ugly, but when I don’t look at her she tempts me to look at her. My home remind me of her.








Now he starts, “Developers can’t be trimm..”

“School nai jate ho kya” [Hindi] means “Don’t you go to school” in English.













In reply to him







With the word CMS, he meant a school name I guess (not to mention).

Dude I go to school, chill!

I have my ICSE boards next year. Chill! By next year I meant March`17. Oh F***!

Oh F***! I only have 2 months now.

Time to get out of it, but not before briefly describing when **people ask about your GF**


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And that’s how she ruins my day or two sometimes






Oh! But Never to forget I love my GF way too much, Coding, my love, my life!


When people asks about your gf


Lesson Learnt:

  • Never ask about the GFs from a Developer, Gamer or a TechyGeek.
  • Developers, Gamers or TechyGeeks are generally introverts and are most of the time not decent to give a damn to others.


Also note:

If you are one of the people, I mentioned above, you can save and pass this link to the people who asks you about her.

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