Got a job? Got a well-settled family? Achieved your ambitions? or Have very big bank account balance? If you say yes! to all of these questions then, Well congratulations for achieving these all milestones of your life. But the Question is are you satisfied? Are you happy? If not then this post is for you, to make you understand the real meanings of life. This will even help you to get a positive attitude day by day and by following these things you will be Living happy life. Well let’s get started:

Living Happy Life:

1. Read books, Just keep on exploring

living happy life

“An investment in Knowledge pays the best interest”

It’s like an ocean which will never end. Read books and explore things, you will see a change in yourself. It will even help you in getting promotions and even at many other points. Knowledge gives you the power to understand things deeply. It will control over all your works, It will give you a positive power and it can even make you a very great person.
So read books, Explore things and improve your knowledge. By doing this you will see a change in yourself, It will help you to bring out real you.

2. Never let your passion die:

living happy life

Do what you like and improve yourself daily in that art. It will not only keep you happy. But it will also help you to reach your life goal. If you don’t know your passion find it today and work for it. Improve yourself in that particular area and try to become the master of it. All well-known personalities have achieved success because they followed their passion, They had worked upon their passion and now it’s your time.

Readout inspiring quotes of Stephen Hawking.

3. Help others and Pray for others Happiness, Without expecting anything:

living happy life

“Be a reason for someone’s smile”, Try to help others it will bring a smile on their face and that smile will give you great happiness. You have been always greedy, Asking God:

“I have to get good marks in test papers”, “I have to impress my boss”, “God please help me in this…and much more”

Stop doing this, the problem is not going to end, no matter how much you pray, Your action will decide what will happen. So never expect anything and just pray for others for others happiness.

4. Understand your Work and Responsibility:

living happy life

For having a happy life you have to be responsible, else you will end up discouraging your loved ones. You have to keep aside your work and You have to take out time for your family.  For a smooth happy life, you have to do that. One has to pay his son’s school fee, it’s his responsibility. But if he is thinking that paying a fee and living for his family is the real meaning of life, Then he is wrong these things come under responsibility and responsibility is only a part. You are a part of something big, You have to do something big, You have to explore your life and for that, you have to work on your passion.  So think smartly: that your responsibility is not your life, But it’s an important part of your life.

5. Visit Places, Explore nature:

living happy life

Apart from this busy world, Go to a place where you can feel the nature. It will not only help you to improve your health but also it will make you mentally strong. Go for Trekking, it’s the best way to explore the beautiful nature. Daily life is full of tension. You need to take a break, so at least once in a year go for such trips. It will show you the real value of life. It will bring out your real personality and even it will give you a great power to do something great.


Try out these things. You will find changes in your life and you will live a happy life.

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