Even if you keep a close eye on new developments in physics, you must have heard of the renowned physicist Stephen hawking.The man who was told he would not live past 25 not only he proved Doctor’s wrong, but also advanced the study of quantum physics and opened up our imagination to the multiverse. Where the fans/followers of the most popular science author and the legendary person would be celebrating the birthday of Sir Stephen Hawking today, we would walk you to the quotes of Stephen Hawking which blew our mind.


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10 Quotes from Stephen Hawking which we find inspirational


Life is boring without work

The statement meant in Hindi:
Life is boring without work. Even if you are doing fun, that’s even a work.



Nothing is perfect; Perfection simply doesn’t exists.

Quotes from Stephen Hawking


While there is life, there is hope.

While there's life, there is a hope - quote from Stephen Hawking


There is always something which you can do and succeed.

quotes from Stephen Hawking


Your greatest enemy is the illusion of knowledge.

quotes from Stephen Hawking that can blow your mind


Inablitiy is the ability to adapt to change.

And who can better define this, other than Sir Hawking?

quotes from Stephen Hawking that can blow your mind


You know, “Empty vessels make more noises” and vise versa!

quotes from Stephen Hawking that can blow your mind


A Brief History of Thyme

A brief history of thyme


So, we may make our life funny? LOL.

Wait, I was just trying to make my sentence funny.

Life would be tragic if it weren't funny


Only If I know know what is my IQ.

People who boasts about their IQs are losers.


You know the important preaching of Budhism?

“Expectations and desires are the root causes of all suffering”.

Remove Expectations and get Bonus


Out of all the quotes from Stephen Hawking which one would you remarkably share?

Do let us know if there is another quote which is your favourite.

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