Do you like to watch your favorite videos over and over again? While working on a desktop/laptop which are usually connected to internet watching a desired video anytime is not an issue. Even if they are not connected to internet downloading videos on desktop was never an issue. But the real issue comes when the same video has to be downloaded on our smartphone. Either we have to download it on our desktop and transfer it to the phone which is a boring process and most of us want to avoid it or we have to rely on YouTube’s save video feature which is limited to particular videos only. So what can we do? Get the Best Video Downloader Available!

Like me if you are also searching for the best video downloader for your Android based device then I have a good news for you as after some good research I have found the best and the most apt video downloader app for Android: iTube.

iTube is not just a mere YouTube video downloader rather it is much more, otherwise why would anyone go with it. iTube goes way beyond the features of any simple YouTube downloader; it supports video download, just audio download which allows us play music in the background: simple awesome, it was something that I was looking for from a while. This is not it iTube allows us to maintain a playlist which something that we need and it also allows us to keep a sleep timer which is a really smart feature.

So, how to get iTube and how to download videos on it?

1. iTube is not available on Play Store, simply be because it allowed us to download YouTube videos so the Mountain View guys decided to withdraw it from the Play Store. But don’t worry, iTube is readily available on it website from where you need to download iTube Pro app and install it to your device.

2. Once you have installed the App you are ready to go. Play any video by searching it in the search bar like we do in YouTube.

3. Whenever you play a video for the first time it gets saved locally so that you can play it anytime later even without internet connection, cool isn’t it.

So, what are you waiting for now, just go and grab the iTube app and download any video that you want and play them anytime.

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