WordPress now come up as the most convenient platform for creating websites and blog. WordPress provides easy to use features. It also has a huge library of plugins. All these plugins are available for free. It is so convenient that a beginner can also find it easy to work with WordPress. The only thing you have to do is inserting the add-ons. You should use built –in functionalities properly to get best of WordPress. Let us explore top nine plugins which will help you to make faster loading of WordPress blog.

  1. W3 Total Cache

This is a must have plugin. W3 Total Cache provides automatic cache control of your posts, content, blog pages, database objects etc. of your wordPress site. It also contributes to the improvement of server side performance.

  1. EWWW Image Optimizer

If your blog content has images in its content, you must install EWWW Image Optimizer plugin. It reduces image file size by optimizing it. It can compress your JPG and PNG files. It performs lossless image compression but if you need quality you can customize image size.

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  1. Advanced Lazy Load

If you insert too many images in your content, your blog will take too much time or loading. Lazy load is a big problem. This Advanced Lazy Load plugin will help you deal with this lazy load problem. It will load images only after scrolling down one at a time.

  1. WP-optimize

Your site’s database can also make it load too slowly. WP-optimize is the plugin which deals with database optimization. It will automatically identify redundancy in database. It lessens database rows which makes it load faster.

  1. Lazy Load for Videos

This plugin will replace videos in your content by thumbnails. Thumbnails will load the videos only when reader will click on it. This will reduce the loading time of content. Thus loading time of blog page will be reduced.

  1. GZip Ninja Speed Compression

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GZip compression removes the redundant memory usage. It removes the useless space grabbed while coding. By removing this space you can make CSS and HTML files smaller than before.

  1. P3 Plugin Performance Profiler

This plugin creates a report comprising all the details of load time of your website. This profiler enables you to identify time consuming plugin. After identifying such plugins, you can then replace them with optimal plugins.

  1. GTmetrix for WordPress

GTmetrix plugin is a tool which analyzes site’s performance. The plugin creates a dashboard widget. This widgets shows your Google page speed, load time and page size. You can monetize loading time with this plugin.

  1. Plugin organizer

This plugin keeps all your plugins arranged properly. With the plugin P3 as mentioned above, will give you the list of plugins which are heavy. With Plugin Organizer you can make some plugins to be loaded for certain pages only.

Long wait for loading may disappoint your visitors. You must install these plugins and boost your blog speed. These plugins will help you monetize and optimize your blog page. Optimization will then reduce your blog’s loading time.

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